Faete, Book 1 of the ‘Blood Moon’ series, offers a feisty young protagonist who should be concerned with filling out college applications, but who instead uncovers family secrets, a Celtic book of magic, and faces the consequences from dabbling in something dangerous. Add a twist of romance to this paranormal mystery and you have a genre-busting read….

Evocative, compelling, and rich in setting, psychology, and supernatural flavors, this romance/paranormal tale will appeal not just to mature teens on their own cusps of new adulthood and its challenges, but to many an adult who will appreciate the warm blend of action, supernatural forces, and love wrapped in a compelling story of how a spell half-spoken in jest comes alive with deadly powers.

Diane Donovan Midwest Book Review

Faete, is the first book of the brand new Blood Moon series by Aimee Oswald Sellars. It’s a solid first entry in the series, and debut publication for Sellars. The book is professionally presented with a memorable and haunting cover that does a great deal to foreshadow events of the plot and the general tone of the read. The story is equally as evocative, and written with a great deal of maturity while still fitting its young-adult genre well.

Sellars has a wide vocabulary to suit and indeed flatter, the needs of her fiction, yet uses it sparingly and in a metered manner that won’t distance her readers. Her use of Celtic mythology is refreshing and well-researched, and leads to a very memorable tale that will certainly stand on its own above most others. Overall, Faete is an engrossing read for young adult readers with a satisfying combination of urban fantasy, love, lust, and magic and expands on an underutilized mythology, dressing it up with imaginative ideas and Sellars’ flowing prose.

–  Self-Published Review   4 stars