A Bit About Me

about-usMy love affair with books began at an early age. One of my favorite childhood memories was the trip to the local library with my mother, summer reading list in hand.

The children’s library was in a cozy old loft situated above the adult library. The climb to the loft was exhilarating, the journey ending in a magical place full of well-worn treasures.

I quickly learned that words had the power to cast a spell, where time and place ceased to exist and a thrilling new world unfolded between the pages of my book.

I’ve been drawn to the fantastic for as long as I can remember. Books represented possibility and escape from the ordinary. They were my passport to other realms, occupied by enchanting and extraordinary creatures. A realm that exists somewhere between our waking and dream state.

And yes, the majority of the places and settings described in Faete do indeed exist. In fact, I’m lucky to call this charming and beautiful area, home. I wanted to share some of my favorite haunts with you on my inspiration page. Hope you enjoy the trip!

Aimee O. Sellars