They’d come into my life like lightning. Rolling in on the waves of a storm. And I was the lightning rod.

A magic spell. A birthday wish. A rare celestial event. Renny McGuire was about to learn that you don’t mess around with magic.

Caught in the crosshairs of love and obsession. The magic and mundane begin to blur. Renny must determine who is friend and who is foe. Lives depend on it. Her very heart and soul depend on it.

From the moment she meets Keegan Doyle and Tristan Byrne, Renny feels a powerful and inexplicable connection to them. The terrifying truth of the connection lies within the depths of an antique water globe and the pages of a two-hundred- year- old diary. As the past bleeds into the present, Renny searches for answers to the unsettling dreams and visions that haunt her. Home alone one night, she uncovers the unspeakable link.

Be careful what you wish for.