Why we love things that go bump in the night

You look around. The street is deserted. Fog rolls in as you head to your car. Are those footsteps behind you? You quicken your pace. The footsteps grow louder. You fumble for your keys only to find your pockets are empty.  Why didn’t you use the valet parking? The footsteps grow closer. Someone grabs you by the shoulder, the warmth of their breath on your neck. You scream and try to run away. It’s too late, you’re caught. You squeeze your eyes shut as someone grabs you...

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Today’s Feminists Have Nothing on the Ancient Celts

You may think we’ve come a long way baby, relative to women’s rights, but in reality, we’ve been playing catch-up. Seems we have nothing on the Celtic tribes of the Iron Age. During the Iron Age ( approximately 800 B.C. to 43 A.D.) Celtic women enjoyed limitless power and freedoms. They were held in high esteem and treated as equals by their male counterparts. Flaxen-haired, fierce and strong, Celtic women donned war paint, wielded weapons and fought...

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